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The Egyptian Perfume Palace

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Welcome to The Egyptian Perfume Palace's web site!
     Here is where you will find essential oils and aroma therapy oils. We sell all our essences pure no alcohol no water no chemicals added. When you order from our site you recieve it pure then you can mix it yourself or use it as oil either way you recieve the same scents that you find in any store, but for a fraction of the cost.

 We have three different groups here in out site. The first group is Flower Essences which only consists of one single flower. The second group is Essence Blends which can contain anywhere from five to seventy five flowers this group has the base of many well known perfumes but still is pure. Finally the third group which is Spices some come from tree trunks along with animals. The Aroma Therapy section is good for spiritual healing this allows you to get energy or to be relaxed.
     In Faiyoum (Farmland about 90 kilometers from Cairo) our company owns land where we harvest the flowers twice a year. After this we have the essence squeezed out by hand-used wooden machines. After this the essence drips drop by drop into Alabaster jars, alabaster because if we use plastic the chemicals can mix with the essence. After this we store them in a dark place to allow them to become more concentrated. After this we export about 60% to France where companies buy the essence then add chemicals a fancy name a fancy bottle and of course their fancy price.
     The second thing we manufacture are fancy bottle made out of a stronger glass called Pyrex. These bottles are hand blown and then are hand colored so it's gaurenteed that every bottle will be one of a kind. We have them priced according to size we have all colors. Good for storing the essences or just a nice decoration for your home.
     Please look around our site and if your interested in any essences please contact us. If you are looking for any certain name brand perfume please let us know any we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our current special is a set of four bottles (30 ml each) of any type you like you buy 3 and get the fourth free along with a free small pyrex bottle.

$65 dollar value for only $45. S/h not included
Any questions? Comments? Please let us know!

You can e-mail us at:

9 Sphinx Street Nazlet El Samman, Giza Egypt